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Should you make your own nettle tea or buy it from a store?

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Due to their stinging properties, nettle plants are often brushed aside (although not literally – that would be painful) as Mother Nature’s inconvenience when traipsing through the woods.  However, as with most things in the wild, nothing is what it seems.  Tea made by boiling and then seeping nettle leaves is a nutritional powerhouse.  Not only is it packed with essential vitamins and minerals, but it contains anti-histamine qualities that alleviate allergies, skin ailments, gout and a host of other health issues.  It can even aid in the production of a mother’s breast milk and encourage hair growth when used as a rinse. (If you’re after a big list of benefits, you can read my post on the benefits of nettle tea)

But what is the point of being “natural” if, instead of wandering out into the woods and picking your own nettle leaves, you simply drive down to the local health food store and purchase premade nettle tea?  There are actually quite a few reasons why consumers want to use natural products but are scared to actually make the product themselves.

There is nothing too complicated about making your own nettle tea; you simply pick some nettle leaves (using gloves, of course), boil them (boiling them deactivates the “stingers”) and seep the leaves.  The leaves are removed, honey or sugar can be added to taste and you are done.

But if you are like me, you might be a little skeptical about the boiling actually deactivating the stingers; you do not want to find out the hard way via a bad stomach ache that you did not boil the leaves long enough (which may happen, as there is inconsistency in the recipes available for making nettle tea).

Additionally, what kind of environment does the nettle plant you are obtaining the leaves from live in?  Is it some place truly untouched (for the most part) by humans or in an area where it may be exposed to pesticides or weed killer?  If it is the latter, the leaves have absorbed those toxins, which, will in turn, be absorbed by you.

Finally, you might simply live in a big city without access to nettle plants.  They are dangerous to keep as houseplants if you have pets or children or even a guest over that unsuspectingly comes along and accidentally brushes against your nettle plant!

So, shopping on-line or at a health food store for your nettle tea is not a cop out; it is just you realizing that you want the benefits of nettle tea but you are not equipped to make it yourself.  Do not let that stop you from drinking it and reaping the benefits!  Sometimes, having some dried nettle tea leaves purchased from the store is a lot more convenient than going on a nettle hunting expedition.

As an added bonus, by obtaining your nettle tea through a health food store, you will probably be able to purchase a tea that contains nettles as well as other natural remedies in the form of dried herbs and plants.  That is, unless you enjoy drinking twenty different cups of tea each day in order to obtain some of the other wonders Mother Nature has packed in to tea format.

The best part is that in loose or bagged form, nettle tea is very inexpensive.  It kind of has to be, when several consumers can literally go into their backyard to stock up for free!

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