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How To Cure Your Acne With Nettle Tea

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The days when those with acne had to simply suffer through that stage in life (or their whole lives, for an unfortunate few) are long gone.   TV commercials inundate us with images of acne being cleared up overnight from their products and stores contain almost entire aisles of concoctions to relieve acne.  But what if you do not want to go down the chemical path, which is often drying and traumatic on the skin?  What if a more natural remedy appeals to you or is the only option?  For example, during pregnancy, the use of salicylic acid (a main ingredient in the fight against acne) is to be avoided.  What then?

If you look hard enough, you will find that Mother Nature always has an alternative in store for us for any ailment; acne is not an exception.   Nettle tea has been proven time and time again to assist in the relief of acne and other skin ailments. It is an anti-inflammatory substance and its powerful detox properties flush out the tea drinker’s kidneys and blood, vital keys in obtaining and maintaining healthy skin.   What you put into your body affects your skin and overall health; don’t believe me?  Check out the skin of someone who consumes nothing but fried food and sweets – there is your proof!

Nettle tea is easily prepared at home or can be obtained cheaply from a health food store.  It is recommended to drink four cups of nettle tea a day in order to obtain the best results for eliminating acne. Additionally, if you have any other skin ailments, such as eczema, your new tea habit will also help clear that up.

Still skeptical?  Check out the hundreds of discussion boards on the internet confirming the real-life benefits of nettle tea on acne! Then try it yourself and see the success you can have.

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  1. Jack says:

    I have a question regarding the Nettle Tea.. in the website said 4 times per day, does that mean 4 tea bags of Nettle Tea or can I reuse them?

    • Hi Jack

      The amount you need to take depends on your body. Everyone’s body will react differently so while 4 times per day is the recommended amount, you may need more or less to get your desired affect.

      It’s best to start slow, with perhaps 1 or 2 cups per day and see how your body reacts. You can then take more or less as you need.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Reidun says:


    Thanks for the great info on nettle tea! I’ve been drinking 4 large mugs of nettle tea every single day for 4 weeks now, but I still get blemishes and pimples. Do you know how long one should drink the tea to see visible results in the skin?

    Thank you :)

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