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Where Did Nettle Tea Come From?

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These days, everyone wants a fast and easy solution to what ails them.  They will try anything to obtain cures that seem too good to be true.  After spending hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars on these quick fixes, consumers often find these solutions really are just that: too good to be true.  This is especially true in the homeopathic world.

With a little research, though, it is easy to see what has been proven to work through the centuries and what is the latest fad.  Although, the newly discovered berry from the Amazon rainforest that promises to help you lose weight has only been out for a few years with no substantial research completed on it, there are real natural remedies out there that have been proven and will work for you.  One such gift from Mother Nature is nettle tea.

Nettle tea was used prior to the Middle Ages, but it became more mainstream when its diuretic benefits were discovered around that time.  As the years passed, the world came to respect the amazing qualities of nettle tea.  Early Indian women of America commonly used nettle tea to help stop bleeding after childbirth, a remedy that is still used today.

So, next time you need relief from a skin or respiratory ailment, want healthier hair or even help producing breast milk, what do you think you are going to lean towards?  A time proven treatment such as nettle tea which is cheaply available – even free in some places?   Or the newest, expensive fad pill (and who knows what that contains)?

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