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Got A Few Extra Pounds? Nettle Tea Can Help You Drop Them

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In the pursuit of a slim and trim body, radical diet techniques and even invasive surgeries are often seen as the only options by a society always on the lookout for a quick fix.   Ideally, though, gradually changing your diet to include more healthy fruits and vegetables and less fats and processed foods is a safer and, in the long run, more successful method of losing flab and maintaining your ideal weight.  Throw in some light activity (a simple stroll around the block each night will do more for you than you know!) and you are off on the right path of a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, there are some tricks of the trade out there that are natural and still have a payoff for those looking to shed some pounds.  One such dieting secret is drinking nettle tea.

Nettle tea is a gentle diuretic, meaning it helps your body process and flush toxins from your system.  This flushing also helps remove “water weight” which might be giving you a bloated look.  And with less waste clogging up your insides, you will have more energy to hit that gym!  Speaking of energy, nettle tea is also packed with tons of vitamins and minerals to give you a natural boost, unlike the chemical high experienced from energy drinks which just fill your body with more toxins.  If you are not hungry, you are less likely to munch on things that are not so good for you.  Again, nettle tea comes to the rescue!  It contains serotonin and acetylcholine, both of which are natural appetite suppressants.

While nettle tea alone will not transform you overnight, it will help you in your journey to get and stay in your best physical shape ever!  Start brewing

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  1. ken moran says:

    hi i use nettle tea bags are these as good as natural nettles also i add honey to the infusion does this alter its goodness thanks ken

  2. This is the best post on this topic I have ever read. I am really very impressed with it. Keep blogging!

  3. Evon says:

    Thanks for the information about nettle tea. I have begun drinking it …

  4. Maryann says:

    Is nettle tea helpful for roseacea? Thanks.

  5. Ben says:

    Thanks for the post – very helpful and educational.

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