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Does Nettle Tea Affect Birth Control and Other Women’s Issues?

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Nettle tea has long been proven to have numerous health benefits for both sexes, including joint pain, acne and asthma relief, just to name a few.  By drinking nettle tea, women especially can see even more amazing results specific to their ailments.

These days, there are many different birth control pills on the market that help regulate a woman’s monthly flow.  However, not everyone can or wants to take birth control pills.  Should they have to suffer?  No!  Nettle tea has been used by Indians and many other earlier cultures for centuries to help relieve hemorrhaging during a woman’s period and after childbirth, thanks to its high levels of Vitamin K.  The anti-inflammatory ingredients of nettle tea also assist with menstrual cramps.

For those women hoping to become pregnant, drinking nettle tea may help your system prepare for a baby.  Nettle tea is a powerful diuretic which will flush the drinker’s system.   Often, people find they are unable to get pregnant because their body is not “ready” due to toxins.  Flushing out your system will help!  Nettle tea also contains high levels of calcium, which support a woman’s ability to conceive.

While pregnant, it seems there is a large laundry list of food and drink items that should not be consumed (and those are usually the ones craved the most!).  These items are especially hard to cross off your list when they are part of your daily routine, such as with tea and coffee, both of which contain caffeine.  Consuming too much caffeine during pregnancy may lead to a low-birth weight baby.   Nettle tea, like most herbal teas, is naturally caffeine-free, meaning it is safe to drink during pregnancy, when the mother-to-be is craving a comforting cup of tea.  Additionally, nettle tea is packed full of nutrients, giving your energy deprived body a much needed boost.   Consumption of calcium (present in nettle tea) during pregnancy is extremely important as the growing fetus zaps the mother’s calcium supply, potentially leading to osteoporosis later on in life.

If you recently had a child and you are trying to breast feed but are having issues with your milk supply, nettle tea, once again, comes to the rescue.  It helps the lactating glands to produce more milk.  As stated before, nettle tea is naturally caffeine-free, which helps prevent an agitated baby, as not all caffeine is filtered out of the mother’s body before being consumed via the breast milk.

And for those women who have reached the end of their childbearing years and are going through menopause, consuming nettle tea can help regulate the hormones and blood sugar levels which cause acne, depression and mood swings.   And, regardless of the benefits, who doesn’t feel better after a hot cup of tea?

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  1. Jill Brown says:

    Hello, I like you am marvelling at the benefits of nettle tea. I had the flu and my friend brought me a packet of dried organic nettle leaf and made a cup of nettle tea for me to drink. I am sold on the product and I have since learned the many benefits of nettle.

    I love your site and thank you for the well written and informative articlesyou have here on a most favourable topic.

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