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Use Nettle Tea To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Prevent Hair-loss

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Everyone wants shiny, healthy, flowing hair that looks like they stepped straight from a salon.  You can buy every hair product and styling tool out there, but the truth of the matter is, if you are not consuming the proper nutrients, your hair will always fall flat.

Even worse, what happens if your hair starts thinning?  Products and tools can only work so many miracles! Although there is no one mineral or vitamin that is a magic fix for creating silky-smooth locks, nettle tea does contain a wide variety of minerals and vitamins known to help.  Additionally, nettle tea helps block DHT, a hormone responsible for male pattern baldness and hair loss. Not only will drinking nettle tea make your hair healthier, but it will help prevent you losing it!

And if drinking nettle tea is not your “cup of tea” (the bitter taste can be toned down a little with a spoonful of honey), nettle tea can be used as a rinse to help stimulate the scalp and increase hair growth.  Simply steep a cup of nettle leaves in a quart of simmering water for a couple of hours.  Remove the leaves and use the tea as a scalp treatment every other night (after shampooing and before conditioning).  Obviously, let the mixture cool before pouring it on your head!  Adding essential oils known in the herbal community to also help stimulate hair growth (such as peppermint and rosemary oil), will help make your super hair growth concoction even more powerful.

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