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Can you smoke nettle tea leaves?

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Nettle has now become one of the more popular herbal plants because of its many uses that can benefit the human body. It was generally considered an undesirable plant in the past because of the stinging hairs that it contained that could be very painful if you came into contact with one. The general view about the plant was changed when it was found to have many beneficial properties.

Today, there is a rise in the interest of using nettle leaves by smoking it with the belief that it will also deliver the same benefits as well. Although it is a relatively new concept, you will find the method to be more and more popular as an alternative to smoking tobacco and cannabis.

Alternative to Smoking Tobacco

While there are really no scientific data to back up the claims of the benefits of smoking nettle leaves, a lot of people say that their their health have improved by doing so. In essence, it is an alternative to smoking tobacco, which is harmful to your health.

By smoking nettle leaves, you can reduce the risk of poisoning your body with tar and nicotine that tobacco will give you. Perhaps the best benefit you can receive from smoking nettle leaves is that it can help you kick the habit of smoking tobacco. Nowadays, people are turning to herbal alternatives as an option to replace cigarettes.1

Alternative to Marijuana

Another reason why smoking nettle leaves has become immensely popular is that it has become a replacement for marijuana for recreational use. So, if you want the feeling of smoking without the negative effects of cannabis, smoking this herbal plant will be perfect for you.

Though nettle will not necessarily give you the buzz you are looking for in marijuana, it can be a better alternative than smoking pot.

Increase in Testosterone Levels

Another benefit that you can receive from smoking nettle leaves and the root is that doing so increases testosterone levels, which can be beneficial if you are suffering from lack of sexual drive.

If you are a woman going through menopause, you can find smoking nettle leaves to your advantage as well as. This can be helpful as the increase of testosterone levels will be able to help you in improving your sexual desire that oestrogen simply cannot fill.


Since there really isn’t any data to support claims of smoking nettle leaves benefits, you can expose yourself to various dangers if you attempt to do it. For one, you never know if you are allergic to the plant or if there are irritants in it that can be harmful. If irritants are present when you smoke nettle, it might cause a choking risk.

Of course, the most obvious disadvantage of smoking nettle is that it negates the scientifically proven benefits of consuming it. In its dried form, nettle contains flavonoids (antioxidants), vitamin C and iron. When you burn these leaves and smoke them, the nutrients it contains are destroyed.

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    This is great information, being a smoker my self, I wonder if supplementation would assist withdrawal. I may give it a try, I dont want to smoke anything. Thanks for the info. I will be back.

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