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How to treat your allergies with nettle tea

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If you have allergies or asthma, the changing of the seasons can be a particularly difficult time. Grass and tree pollens cause allergic reactions in about 20% of the population.1

If you have allergies you might get symptoms like an itching or swelling sensation in the nose and eyes, sneezing, a runny nose, watery eyes, and difficulty breathing.

There are many antihistamines available to treat the symptoms of allergies, but these are often costly, and may cause adverse reactions in some people. One remedy that is inexpensive, natural, and safe is nettle tea.

What Are the Causes of Allergies?

The most common cause of allergies is pollen from grass and trees. During the spring and summer, plants release pollen into the air. When you breathe in the airborne particles, they may cause your body to react negatively.

If you are allergic to pollens, your body tries to protect itself by making antibodies, which fight off foreign substances. These antibodies can produce chemicals such as histamine, which is the main culprit behind the irritating symptoms of allergic rhinitis (allergies).

As your body tries to fight off the histamine, it produces mucus so your nose runs, and your bronchial passageways become obstructed. This means that your nose, throat and chest are blocked, so you may find it difficult to breathe.1

How Can Nettle Tea Help?

Although nettles can cause allergic skin reactions if you touch the leaves, they are particularly useful in alleviating the symptoms of allergies if you drink them in tea. Nettle tea can ease symptoms such as congestion, difficulty breathing, runny noses, and coughs.2

In a 1990 study by the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon, doctors studied the effects of nettles on people with allergic rhinitis. Researchers split the test subjects into two groups, giving one group a nettle preparation and the other a placebo.1

The group that took the nettle preparation reported fewer allergic reactions than those that took the placebo. Another study by the Herbal Science Group shows that nettles can block histamine receptors and reduce inflammation in people who suffer from allergic rhinitis.3

Nettle leaves contain natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties. These work in the body to block the histamine receptors, which means you don’t experience such a strong reaction to pollens. This can help to reduce your hay fever.

How to Take Nettle Tea for Allergies

If you have allergies or respiratory problems, nettle tea can effectively reduce symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes, inflammation, and sneezing. Drink 2-3 cups of tea a day throughout the hay fever season to alleviate symptoms of allergies.5

Although nettles are a natural and safe alternative to antihistamines, you should speak to a health care professional before using them if you have a preexisting medical condition, or if you are pregnant or nursing.

What to read next

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Can nettle tea help your hair grow?

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If you suffer from hair or scalp conditions, nettles may be the answer. This flowering plant has a wide range of health benefits if consumed. The leaves and roots can be used in many products, and ingested or applied to the skin and hair with very positive results. There are many pros to using nettles for hair conditions, and very few cons. Continue Reading »

Can you smoke nettle tea leaves?

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Nettle has now become one of the more popular herbal plants because of its many uses that can benefit the human body. It was generally considered an undesirable plant in the past because of the stinging hairs that it contained that could be very painful if you came into contact with one. The general view about the plant was changed when it was found to have many beneficial properties.

Today, there is a rise in the interest of using nettle leaves by smoking it with the belief that it will also deliver the same benefits as well. Although it is a relatively new concept, you will find the method to be more and more popular as an alternative to smoking tobacco and cannabis.

Alternative to Smoking Tobacco

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Can drinking nettle tea benefit your health?

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Stinging nettles, in spite of their prickly nature, offer many health benefits when prepared as a tea. Nettle tea benefits have been recognized for thousands of years in folklore, and in recent years scientists have studied nettle tea to find out exactly why it is so good for you.

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Does Nettle Tea Have Caffeine?

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No. Nettle tea, made from fresh or dried leaves, does not contain caffeine.

Really? Yes, really!  Definitely no caffeine.

Here is a big list of the vitamins and minerals in nettle tea.

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What is in nettle tea? A list of vitamins and minerals

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When you drink nettle tea, you’re actually drinking lots and lots of different vitamins and minerals that can help your body.  People have known for a long time (even as far back as 3000 BC¹) that nettle tea is good for the body, but it was only in the 20th century that scientists were able to detect all the different vitamins and minerals, and measure their quantities.

Here is the list of vitamins and minerals found in nettle leaves, which get transferred into the nettle tea. Continue Reading »

Does Nettle Tea Affect Birth Control and Other Women’s Issues?

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Nettle tea has long been proven to have numerous health benefits for both sexes, including joint pain, acne and asthma relief, just to name a few.  By drinking nettle tea, women especially can see even more amazing results specific to their ailments.
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Got A Few Extra Pounds? Nettle Tea Can Help You Drop Them

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In the pursuit of a slim and trim body, radical diet techniques and even invasive surgeries are often seen as the only options by a society always on the lookout for a quick fix.   Ideally, though, gradually changing your diet to include more healthy fruits and vegetables and less fats and processed foods is a safer and, in the long run, more successful method of losing flab and maintaining your ideal weight.  Throw in some light activity (a simple stroll around the block each night will do more for you than you know!) and you are off on the right path of a healthy lifestyle.
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Where Did Nettle Tea Come From?

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These days, everyone wants a fast and easy solution to what ails them.  They will try anything to obtain cures that seem too good to be true.  After spending hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars on these quick fixes, consumers often find these solutions really are just that: too good to be true.  This is especially true in the homeopathic world.
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Is Nettle Tea Safe To Drink

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Growing up on the edge of a thicket, I learned very, very early on to avoid the heart-shaped leaves of the nettle plant at all cost.  Too many times I spent lying in bed, unable to get to sleep, as I was driven crazy by the itchy bumps on my arms and legs caused by contact with the nettle plant.   They were no good in my book and something to be beat down with a big stick whenever I saw them.
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